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  • Why Vulnerability is Crucial in the Workplace | BA PRO, Inc.
    In general, most people are not very vulnerable and this is definitely the case in the workplace. Many believe that vulnerability is a sign of weakness when, in fact, it’s the total opposite. In this episode, we’re discussing the following three reasons why vulnerability is crucial in the workplace: Vulnerability in the workplace......
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  • How Criticism Can Boost Employee Engagement | BA PRO, Inc.
  Criticism is often associated with being negative, which isn’t always the case. In this episode, we’ll discuss how you can use criticism & feedback to correct your team while boosting employee engagement. The key is to point out what employees are doing correctly more often than what they’re doing incorrectly. Speak praise as much......
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  • How to Stay Professional in a Toxic Workplace | BA PRO, Inc.
  It’s hard to stay professional and act appropriately when you’re working in a place that’s the furthest from professional. In this episode, we’re discussing 5 things you should do to maintain your professionalism in a toxic workplace: Don’t entertain or participate in gossip. Know what you value and don’t waiver on it. Hold yourself......
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  • Why Employees Don't Speak Up at Work | BA PRO, Inc.
  Don’t think that everything is going well because your team is silent. In fact, silence is a tell-tell sign that there are problems in the workplace. In this episode, we go over 5 reasons why your employees are not speaking up about things happening on your team and in the workplace. Ready to encourage......
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  • How to Address Employee Mistakes | BA PRO, Inc.
  Mistakes happen. As a leader, how you handle employee mistakes sets the tone for the culture your team will have. In this episode, we’ll go over 7 simple tips that will help ease the tension when it’s time to address a mistake made by an employee. The How to Handle Employee Mistakes Checklist is......
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  • Simple Tips on Delegating Correctly | BA PRO, Inc.
  You don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegating helps with professional development and engagement, but it also allows you more time to be productive. In this episode, we’ll go over simple tips that will help you delegate more effectively. A Delegation Worksheet & Rule is also available for this episode. Download your Free New......
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  • 4 Huge Mistakes New Leaders Make & How to Avoid Them | BA PRO, Inc.
In this episode, we’ll be cutting the learning curve in half for new leaders. Most leaders face common challenges in their roles and we’ll be discussing 4 mistakes that you should be avoiding in your role You’re too focused on gaining respect. You’re trying too hard to impress your team. You’re not engaging with your......
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  • What Type of Leader Are You | BA PRO, Inc.
Have you ever wondered what your leadership style is? How and why you handle things a particular way with your team? In this episode, we’ll discuss the strengths and struggles of 4 different leadership styles and how each style impacts your team. A Leadership Style Questionnaire is also available for you to find out your......
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In today’s episode, we’re talking about why employees stop caring about their work. Don’t automatically rule poor performance to laziness. There can very well be things happening in the workplace that cause employees to stop caring about doing their best work. Here are 5 reasons why: They’re overworked. They aren’t challenged. They don’t feel like......
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  • PRO Talk Tuesday: What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting Your Role | BA PRO, Inc.
We all have moments when we feel like quitting. As professionals, leaders, and even business owners, we experience moments when it seems like quitting is the best option. But how can we make sure that we aren’t quitting based on impulse? In this episode, we’ll discuss 4 questions that you must ask yourself when you......
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