Here's a bit more about me

Hi there and thank you for visiting our site. Hopefully, you were able to obtain some valuable information during your visit. I am Dionna Appling, the owner of Business Advocates PRO, Inc. To further introduce myself, here are 11 quick facts about my background, my journey, and my goals:

1. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, I attended Indiana Wesleyan University and achieved a Master’s Degree in Management Science.

2. I’m keenly passionate about professional and personal development and I often read books, research areas of interest and participate in training opportunities.

3. Part of my experience with clientele includes working with leaders and staff of medical/dental practices, administrative offices of school districts, startup businesses and non-profit organizations.

4. Born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

5. I adore children and have participated in various mentoring and volunteering initiatives for local non-profit organizations.

6. I’ve experienced being overlooked, underutilized, overwhelmed and disengaged as an employee. This has motivated me to help other professionals who may feel this way on their jobs.

7. As a child, my favorite games to play were “Teacher” and “Business”; which involved me and my cousin converting my grandmother’s living room into our work office. (Who would’ve known that this was early preparation for me to start a business training others and working with organizations!)

8. Passionate about helping professionals perform at their greatest capacity.

9. Family, faith and close friends play a significant role in my life and hold a very high priority.

10. I regularly find reasons to use a local Starbucks as my mobile office.

11. I am committed to making a valuable impact on effective performance, professionalism and leadership in organizations.