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  • 5 Myths About Being a Good Leader | BA PRO, Inc.
As leaders, we tend to shape our leadership philosophies and habits based on our professional and personal experiences throughout life. This can be positive or negative, and will ultimately affect how you lead your team. In this episode, we’re debunking 5 leadership myths about being a good leader. Myth 1: You must have all the......
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  • PRO Talk Tuesday: Having the I Deserve a Raise Talk with Managers | BA PRO, Inc.
Today’s #PROtalkTuesday question was submitted by “Professional seeking career advancement”: “With employee reviews right around the corner what recommendations or tips would you give to professionals on having the, I need/deserve a raise conversation with their manager?” Tune in for the recommended tips!   Questions about this episode? Topic suggestions for future episodes? Please send......
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  • How to Make Employee Engagement Second Nature | BA PRO, Inc.
As a leader, you have a lot on your plate. Meetings, deadlines, reports; there are tons of things on your to-do list and that can make it easy to forget about employee engagement. In this episode, we’ll go over 6 steps to help employee engagement feel more like second nature instead of a chore. Remove......
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  • Maintaining Strong Culture the Starbucks Way with Marcus Harris | BA PRO, Inc.
This episode features guest Marcus Harris; Starbucks store manager for multiple locations in the Cleveland, Ohio area. With over 10 years of experience in management, Marcus shares his insight and best practices on what it takes to be consistent with maintaining a great company culture. He gives great examples of how leaders can make culture......
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  • ABCs of Introducing Culture Change | BA PRO Inc.
The ABC principles of introducing culture change in your company will help you align the expectations of your staff with the overall goal(s) you want to reach. It also opens the floor for you to get necessary feedback from your employees so you know exactly where they stand, what they need, and how to encourage......
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  • How to be Intentional with Culture Building | BA PRO, Inc.
If you’re trying to (re)build the culture in your company and your efforts don’t seem to be working, it’s likely because you’re missing this one thing: Being Intentional. This episode will help you become more intentional with your culture building by reverse engineering your efforts. This will allow you to be more strategic and most......
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  • Shifting Your Mindset About Company Culture | BA PRO, Inc.
Here’s your challenge for the week. Answer the following question: If your company culture was an actual person, how would you describe it? This episode is meant for you to be very reflective about your company culture. As you listen to this episode, think about the questions mentioned and write down your answers. This is......
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  • 5 Simple Ideas That Help Promote Culture Change | BA PRO, Inc.
One of the main ingredients to building a culture that your employees will love is to build a culture of inclusion. When your employees feel included in the changes you’re promoting, their buy-in increases and most of all, they feel valued & connected to the organization. Inclusion also helps you, as the leader, understand their......
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  • How to Get Noticed and Promoted at Work | BA PRO, Inc.
Promotions aren’t usually handed out to everyone. Only to those who make a conscious effort to do more than the bare minimum, make a difference, and demonstrate effective leadership ability. If you want to get noticed for a promotion, this episode will give you 5 steps that will help you do just that! Show leadership......
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  • How to Get Your Ideas Considered by Your Boss | BA PRO, Inc.
Many employees have ideas that they want to present to their boss but don’t know how to do so in the best way. Your ideas are valuable and deserve to be considered fairly. This episode gives you 5 important steps that will help your boss consider your ideas and not brush them off.   Do......
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