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  • How to Create Culture with Clients | The New Culture Norm Podcast | BA PRO, Inc.
It’s time for another PRO Talk Tuesday! These are episodes where listeners submit questions via email or on Twitter using the hashtag #PROTalkTuesdays and they’re answered here on this podcast. Today’s question comes from James (via email) and he writes: “How do I create culture with my clients? I am in the fitness industry and......
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  • How to Keep Cheer In the Workplace After the Holidays | BA PRO Inc.
Christmas is over, the New Year is here, the holiday party is a thing of the past, and so is the holiday cheer. Once the holiday party has passed, it may be difficult to keep employees excited and enthusiastic as they get back into their daily work routine. This episode provides different ways you can......
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  • How to Avoid Demotivating Your Staff | BA PRO, Inc.
Most leaders may say that they don’t demotivate their staff, but have you considered whether your daily habits are demotivating? Here are 5 passive habits that may be demotivating your staff: Don’t ignore your employees. Don’t edit/change employee work without their knowledge. Trust employees to do their jobs. Delegate. Avoid passive micro-managing. Our actions as......
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  • Episode 10: How to Motivate Your Staff
As Leaders, it is our responsibility to motivate our staff but before we can do so, we must know How to do it effectively. This episode will help you do just that. The New Year is approaching (very quickly) and performance goals are being set as well. What better way to help your employees achieve......
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  2017 is literally a few weeks away and if you haven’t started planning for it yet, now’s the time! So many people make New Year’s resolutions to reach their goals, but those end up falling off to the wayside by January 10th. Why does this happen? Because many tend to stay in the inspiration......
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  This is the last episode of the Back to the Basics Series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. In today’s episode, I’m discussing what I like to call the “Bare Minimum Syndrome”. No, this isn’t an actual illness, but it can cripple the results that you’re expecting on your job. Here are the 4......
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How to be an Effective Professional Pt. 2… It was just too good to only have one episode! As we continue the #BackToTheBasicsSeries, this episode reviews areas 5 – 9 of effectiveness as a professional. When it comes to professionalism, there are some characteristics and skills that come easily to us while others don’t and......
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How to be an Effective Professional – that is the question! Not good, not better, but effective. We are still in the #BackToTheBasicsSeries, going over the essentials of being professionals. This episode is part one of how to be an effective professional and we’re getting pretty specific with the list of how to do so.......
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PRO Talk Tuesday – Our Q&A Episode. Today’s question comes from Mary and she writes: “I noticed that the podcast speaks about leadership and professionalism. My question is does this service any other businesses or entities such as churches, personal ministries or groups, etc.?”Leadership, professionalism, and culture are not limited to companies and business offices.......
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Let’s get Back to the Basics and discuss Professionalism. This episode is the first of the #BackToTheBasicsSeries where we’ll go over the essentials of being professionals. As stated in the welcome episode, this podcast isn’t just for leaders, but it’s for professionals as well. This episode will provide the 3 things you must know as......
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