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Effective culture building involves 5 key elements; Clarity, Feedback, Implementation, Collaboration, Engagement, and Support. Our services specifically target each of the elements to ensure that you are fully equipped to maintain a thriving and engaging culture and accomplish goals. Employees are able to take control of their contribution to the workplace with our training, leaders are able to engage with employees actively with our coaching, and organizations can reach goals and function more effectively.


Here's how we do it

The 3-C Focus Strategy is a Conceptual Framework that we’ve designed and utilize to target and develop multiple performance layers of your organization and teams. Customer Advocacy, Continuous Improvement, and Collaborative Communication are foundational aspects of building performance and culture standards. Our Performance Management Consulting, Soft-skills Training, and Coaching equips leaders and employees to work more effectively internally and ensure that your customers are served more efficiently as well. After all, the service that your customers receive is only as good as the engagement your employees receive.


Here's why we do it

Too often there are employees who feel ignored, overwhelmed, under-utilized, and even uncared for. Likewise, there are managers and leaders who are trying to find a happy-medium with reaching organizational goals while also connecting with their team. We understand these challenges and have created services to solve them. Our goal is to help you raise the standard of effective performance in the workplace whether you’re a leader or an employee. As the workforce continues to evolve, it is our mission to ensure that professionalism, problem-solving, collaboration, effective performance, and engaging leadership remain significant in workplace culture.

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We've been honored to work with leaders & professionals in various industries.

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Dionna Appling
Owner, Advisor & Trainer
I’m Dionna!

I work with organizations – new & established, small & large – to build engaging culture through performance management consulting, soft-skills training, and Coaching. I’m passionate about helping professionals perform at their best and I’m committed to connecting the “missing link” that helps leaders and employees engage more and create the best working dynamic possible!

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