Manage performance effectively

Uncover the current conditions of your workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and more with our Performance Management consulting and advisory.  Once you have the data, we’ll take steps with you to overcome the challenges revealed and create the desired standard for your organization.


Collaborate, Interact, and Solve Problems intentionally

People perform best when they have the right tools. Execute effectively, communicate more collaboratively, and increase your own competitive advantage as a Professional with our soft-skills training classes.


Actively engage consistently

Engagement and culture building practices must be continuous and intentional to yield results. Coaching helps leaders actively keep the momentum going while being proactive and addressing challenges that affect employees along the way.

Services Features

Start your culture building initiatives with these service offerings.


Get the facts about employee satisfaction, current culture, suggestions, and more.


Create the culture that reflects what matters to the organization and that values every employee.


Get tactical and actually reach performance goals by planning and monitoring effectively.


Know the truth about professionalism and use it gain credibility with efficient soft-skills.


Receive one-on-one support, guidance, and exercises with leading your culture building efforts.


Keep your employees motivated by investing and planning their growth and success.

Consulting for Small Businesses

Culture isn't complicated, it's commitment.

Culture building isn’t having a meeting a few times a year or hanging inspirational quotes; nor is it having an awards ceremony once a year. It’s so much more than that. Having an intentional focus on effective performance and engagement are very key factors in building and maintaining a desirable culture.

Our consulting services provides clarity for your interoffice performance efforts, direction, and goals. We help you eliminate the guessing game and shape the performance and culture standards that specifically work for the unique needs of your employees and business.

Our strategy is to center our services around the three areas that are critical to performance quality:

     Customer Advocacy  |  Continuous Improvement  |  Collaborative Communication

The 3-C Focus Strategy is a Conceptual Framework designed and utilized by BA PRO to target and develop multiple performance layers of your business and teams.

3-C Focus Strategy Conceptual Framework

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Customer SAT
  • Skill Development

Soft-skills Training for Employees

When employees understand how to implement effectiveness and problem solving, customer satisfaction increases!

Soft-skills have a hard impact on performance and the quality of service received by customers. Employees – or as we call them, Professionals – are the most important asset in any organization. We train professionals to apply and maintain soft-skills in the workplace and use it as a competitive advantage in their careers.

Our soft-skills training classes equip professionals to work more effectively internally and ensure that your customers are served more efficiently. Customer satisfaction is a direct result of the quality of service they receive. When professionals have the tools and information necessary to perform at their best, customers will greatly benefit from it.

Coaching Sessions for Leaders

Leadership is a role... Effective leadership is a choice!

Behind every great athlete is a great coach. Although we aren’t helping you win a championship game, we are indeed helping you lead a winning and top performing team. We coach leaders to be more intentional with their efforts to effectively engage employees, reach performance goals, and maintain a healthy, collaborative & accountable culture.

The missing piece with many leaders and their teams is connection. We’re here to fill that void and ensure that engagement is an active part of your work dynamic.

  • Leaders
  • Connection
  • Employees
  • Connection

FREE Culture Detection Workbook!

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You can't build your ideal workplace culture without knowing where it currently stands.This work. This workbook gets you started!