Price: $300.00 USD per attendee
Duration: Four (4) Hours



Workplace professionalism is a key attribute that individuals in the workforce must have to maintain their competitive advantage as an employee, job candidate, or leader. In this training, participants will not only receive insight on what workplace professionalism is, but you’ll also receive tactical tools and practices that can be easily applied to your daily work activity. The topics and tools provided in this training are designed to target specific areas within a work environment that are essential for performing effectively in the workplace.

In this four-hour training class, professionals will acquire:
– A clear definition of professionalism and how to apply effective workplace practices.

– An understanding of employer expectations of professionalism, as well as common assumptions.

– Quick reference tools to measure professionalism individually and what it affects.

– An understanding of professional accountability.

– An overview of Customer Advocacy with methods to seek and provide effective customer solutions.

– Critical thinking case exercises and analysis on professionalism practices.

– An overview of the 3-C Performance Focus Strategy (BA PRO’s exclusive conceptual framework).

– Direction on how to create your individual Competitive Advantage as a professional.

– Insight on how to execute leadership in your current role, and in any role.

– Engaging dialogue and discussion on professionalism.


Training material:

A certificate of completion is also provided for this training in electronic format.



Previous knowledge of workplace professionalism or work experience is not required to participate this training. This training is ideal for:

– Beginners in the workforce.

– Graduates; College and High School.

– Candidates preparing for new jobs.

– Staff seeking to be efficient in appropriate workplace acumen & practices.

– Newly hired employees.

– Professionals reentering the workforce.

– Experienced professionals seeking to enhance professionalism, soft-skills and practices.

– A great resource for employee and professional development initiatives!



After completing this training, professionals will have an expanded knowledge and outlook on performing as a professional. The approach and delivery on the content is exclusively designed to help professionals, whether aspiring or experienced, gain a concise understanding of more proficient ways to behave in the workplace. The critical thinking concepts obtained in this training will also help professionals provide effective solutions for customers while also being cognizant of business processes and continuous improvement initiatives.


The BA PRO Difference!

The professional development classes that we offer provide a strategic approach that equips professionals to perform at a more effective standard. This standard is established by using our exclusive 3-C Performance Focus Strategy framework. Our uniquely designed conceptual framework allows each of our classes to target core business areas to increase and enhance operational performance:

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Collaborative Communication

Our 3-C Performance Focus Strategy provides a 360-degree view of how the concepts learned in each class should be applied and considered within an organization. By having the constant focus on Customer Advocacy, Continuous Improvement, and Collaborative Communication; employee performance and productivity increases substantially!