Price: $345.00 USD per attendee
Duration: Four (4) Hours



In this training class, professionals will gain a practical understanding of Customer Advocacy and how it differs from the traditional concept of Customer Service. Customer Advocacy will be explained as a process instead of a service alone. This will help professionals to view customer relations from a 360-degree perspective, which will allow efficient problem solving when working with customers.



In this four-hour training class, professionals will gain:

– An understanding of the difference between Customer Service (CS) and Custom Advocacy (CA).

– Insight on CA in every role that is influential in business growth.

– A clear understanding of your role and responsibility in CA as a professional.

– Practice with applying the FASTT Approach to CA (BA PRO’s exclusive approach and strategy to servicing customers).

– Tools to effectively apply CA continuously.

– Critical thinking case exercises and analysis on CA practices.

– Awareness of the key factors to identify to measure your own performance in CA.

– Direction on how to apply critical thinking concepts when servicing customers.

– The purpose of CA and its importance to an organization.

– The process of providing effective service to customers in any role.

– Comprehension of the benefits of CA as a professional and within an organization.


Training material:

A certificate of completion is also provided for this training in electronic format.



Extensive knowledge of customer service or work experience is not required to participate this training. However, we do recommend that the registrants for this training class have one or more of the following prerequisites:

– Currently in a role or seeking a role with direct contact and/or communication with customers.

– A minimum education level of a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

– A minimum of 3 to 6 months experience in a customer service role.



After completing this training, professionals will have an expanded knowledge and outlook on providing effective service to customers. This new outlook will allow professionals to view customer service as a process that will better serve customers and enhance problem solving skills; thus taking on the role as an Advocate for customers. The critical thinking concepts obtained in this training will help professionals provide effective solutions for customers while also being cognizant of business processes and continuous improvement initiatives.


The BA PRO Difference!

The professional development classes that we offer provide an innovative and strategic approach that equips professionals to perform at a more effective standard. This standard is established by using our exclusive 3-C Performance Focus Strategy framework. Our uniquely designed conceptual framework allows each of our courses to target the core areas in increasing and enhancing operational performance:

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Collaborative Communication

Our 3-C Performance Focus Strategy provides a 360-degree view of how the concepts learned in each class should be applied and considered within an organization. By having the constant focus on Customer Advocacy, Continuous Improvement, and Collaborative Communication; employee performance and productivity increases substantially!