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Detect Workplace Culture Workbook

Stop guessing & discover the facts about your current workplace culture!

How to Detect Workplace Culture Workbook | BA PRO, Inc.

This workbook helps leaders & managers assess the current conditions of your workplace culture. With this workbook you will:

  • Gain clarity on workplace culture
  • Complete simple exercises to assess what’s happening in your current culture
  • Receive a quick electronic survey link for your team to complete (with email template)
  • Easily analyze the results
  • Get the next steps to start building your desired culture!

New Leader Success Toolkit

Cut your learning curve in half & avoid common leadership struggles!

New Leader Success Toolkit | BA PRO, Inc.
  • New to leadership?
  • Difficulties delegating work?
  • Not sure how to address employee mistakes?
  • Struggling to connect with the team?
  • Unsure of your leadership style & how it impacts your team?

The New Leader Success Toolkit is for you!

This toolkit was designed to help you take the guessing game out of your leadership practices & address common leadership challenges with ease!

Helping You with Culture Building in 3 Ways



Helping small & mid-size businesses reduce employee turnover & increase job satisfaction by implementing culture standards and effective leadership practices to build a purposeful and engaging culture.




Employees – or as we call them, Professionals – are the most important asset in any organization. We train professionals to apply and maintain soft-skills in the workplace and when working with customers.




We coach leaders to be more intentional with employee engagement and reaching performance goals while maintaining a healthy, collaborative & accountable culture.


Service Features

Start raising performance standards & building culture with these service offerings.


Get the facts about employee satisfaction, current culture, suggestions, and more.


Create the culture that reflects what matters to the organization and that values every employee.


Know the truth about professionalism and use it gain credibility with efficient soft-skills.


Receive one-on-one support, guidance, and exercises with leading your culture building efforts.

The New Culture Norm Podcast
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No matter your job role, your contribution can help build the working environment you've always hoped for!

If you’re looking for tips and tools on culture building, professionalism, and effectiveness your workplace or career, you’re in the right place! This podcast is dedicated to helping leaders and professionals make Engagement, Influence and Effective Leadership the New Normal in workplace culture! Culture building and professionalism doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to be made a non-negotiable priority to yield results and reach goals. Tune in and take action!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Tune in for insights, resources, and best practices to help you get started with building an engaging culture.

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  • How Criticism Can Boost Employee Engagement | BA PRO, Inc.

Episode 29: How Criticism Can Boost Employee Engagement

  Criticism is often associated with being negative, which isn’t always the case. In this...
  • How to Stay Professional in a Toxic Workplace | BA PRO, Inc.

Episode 28: How to Stay Professional in a Toxic Workplace

  It’s hard to stay professional and act appropriately when you’re working in a place...
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