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I want to build culture & performance standards in my organization

The following characteristics are seen in my organization:

  • We don’t know the best approach to building our culture.
  • Our performance standards are not clear.
  • Employees don’t seem to be motivated.
  • Our employee turnover rates are high.
  • Collaboration & teamwork are not visible.
  • We don’t have (or reach) organizational goals.
  • Customers complain about service.
  • We are more reactive than proactive when solving problems internally & with customers.
  • Employee engagement is lacking.


Our consulting package includes:

Employee Feedback Assessment & Analysis

Culture Building Strategy

Goal & Performance Planning

Soft-skills Training + One hour of complimentary Leadership Coaching for each training class purchased

Development & Succession Planning


– Custom Quotes Available –

I'd like to increase employee professionalism & productivity

Our employees are hard workers, but we want to:

  • Provide practical tools and techniques to employees that will help them perform effectively on a daily basis.
  • Increase employee professionalism, accountability, customer advocacy skills, productivity & task management skills.
  • Enhance employee problem-solving skills, resourcefulness, effectiveness, and proactive thinking skills.
  • Ensure that professionalism is a priority internally & externally.
  • Invest in professional development.
  • Help employees understand the value of individual influence.


Our Soft-skills training classes include:

The Basics of Workplace Professionalism

Customer Advocacy Vs. Customer Service


– Price: $300 to $345 per student –

Our training includes one hour of complimentary Leadership Coaching for each training class purchased.

I want to be a more intentional & effective leader

I don’t want to be a dictator. I’d like to lead my team in the right direction by:

  • Detecting the current culture among my team (workplace) & analyze the best approach to improving it.
  • Defining the desired culture.
  • Clearly communicating goals and expectations.
  • Making employee engagement a priority & a more natural practice.
  • Creating an action plan to attack culture barriers.
  • Encouraging employee feedback & having healthy discussions about it.
  • Aligning engagement initiatives with goals for the organization, the team, and each individual employee.


The Intentional Leader Coaching is a 6-week Live Online Program that includes:

Six 90 minute coaching sessions (live online)

Weekly exercises to implement in your daily leadership role

Templates to help you be more intentional with culture-building efforts

Assessments & analysis to measure employee engagement progress

Chat support with your coach

Flexible session scheduling

Complimentary post-coaching check up session


– Price:  $1,125 –

"The training classes were very relevant and applicable, and the entire audience was actively listening and engaging when presented with an opportunity to give input. The content gave examples that every employee could identify with. Very professional and courteous. I will definitely be utilizing BA PRO in the future to train other parts of our workforce."
K. Hunt, Director of Human Resources
Warrensville Heights City School District