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The podcast dedicated to helping you make Professionalism, Engagement and Effective Leadership the New Normal in workplace culture!


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Maybe you’ve arranged a company outing or participated in an awards ceremony for employees. Perhaps you had an inspirational speaker get everyone excited about “the new direction” of the company and it only lead to things going back the way it was. Although the attempt may be genuine, the approach is what dictates the success......
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Does workplace culture even matter anymore? This episode answers that question and explains why it’s important. Questions about this episode? Topic suggestions for future episodes? Please send them to: culture@businessadvocatespro.com...
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Is it you? Is it me? He or she? This episode will help provide clarity as to who is actually responsible for culture in workplace. Tune in to eliminate any misunderstandings about the responsibility of culture and get started on your journey to making a positive impact in your workplace. Please send any questions about......
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If you’re interested in identifying what the culture is in your workplace, this episode will help you get started. The 5 factors offered in this episode will give you clarity on what organizational culture is and what it affects. In addition, you’ll receive 5 steps to use when surveying the current culture in your workplace.......
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Welcome to The New Culture Norm Podcast! Our goal is to help you make Engagement, Influence and Effective Leadership the New Normal in your workplace culture. Listen to this episode to find out why this podcast was created, who we aim to help and what you can expect from us in the future. Please send......
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