We all have moments when we feel like quitting. As professionals, leaders, and even business owners, we experience moments when it seems like quitting is the best option. But how can we make sure that we aren’t quitting based on impulse?

In this episode, we’ll discuss 4 questions that you must ask yourself when you feel like quitting your role. This will help you put your thoughts into perspective and become clear on the true reasons why you feel like quitting.

Before asking these questions, you must be honest with yourself about why you want to quit. Write every thought/feeling down, then ask yourself the following:

  • Is it emotional?  Did someone make you angry at work? Hurt your feelings, or didn’t keep a promise?
  • Is it ego driven?  Do you feel above the work? Did someone else get promoted & you feel like it should be you? Do you feel more qualified than your boss?
  • Is it avoidance?  Are you avoiding conflict? Are you avoiding being challenged to step up in your performance?
  • Is it purpose-driven?  Do you no longer agree with the direction/vision of the company?


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